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Light Therapy from CareLight

Is uniquely effective in decreasing pain and improving circulation. The science says so.

Here's how it works:

Light from specific wavelengths penetrates the skin and promotes the release of Nitric Oxide. In turn, this creates a cascade of beneficial events at the cellular level.

You'll notice different colors of light penetrate the tissue at different depths. This is why CareLight offers products in blue, blue/red and Infrared.


Watch this video to learn about the science behind light therapy from CareLight

The story behind CareLight light therapy

In 1993, Duke University researchers discovered that the red blood cells carry nitric oxide, and that near-infrared light causes the nitric oxide to be released into the blood stream. In 1998, 3 American physiologists won the Nobel Prize for discovering that nitric oxide causes the blood vessels to dilate. This effect can be seen when a patient with angina takes nitroglycerin. The blood vessels dilate and reduce the angina. However, nitric oxide must be taken by mouth and reach the heart systemically via the blood flow.

Because near-infrared light can produce nitric oxide locally wherever the lights are applied on the body, it causes increased blood flow and reduced pain.

Light Therapy Benefits
Dr. Thomas Burke

Leading bloodflow reseracher Dr. Tom Burke from the University of Colorado has spent years reseraching the physiology behind light therapy.

Watch this video to learn about some of the profound effects on the body.

The CareLight LED Advantage

Carelight LEDS are manufactured and supplied on a very tight and narrow technical specification.  We refer to this as “CLA”:  Carelight LED Advantage.

Furthermore, not only are the quality of the LEDs critical to efficacy, so are the way in which the pads are manufactured and designed.  We refer to this as “CPA”: Carelight Pad Advantage.

Within our company we have experienced engineers, production specialists, and years of product development with proven results.  We are the only USA manufacturer with ISO certification.

Proof of this capability will be seen by introduction of new products throughout the years as well as seen by our warranty policy, one of the best in the market.

Jonathan and Pads

Information for Caretakers:

Pain not only impacts the patient but the entire family! Watching a love one in pain is very stressful for the family. In addition, the patient cannot fully live their lives. They often cannot participate in family or lifestyle activities.

Many patients feel like they are living their lives in a "fog" as a side effect of the drugs.

The rippling effect of a loved one who is in pain affects many people around them. It is a feeling of helplessness for the caretaker and for the patient. The patient doesn't want to complain as they know it makes it more difficult for those nearby. Sometimes they just suffer in silence.

With the aging of America, more and more families and friends are becoming caretakers. In that capacity, it is important to become an advocate for your loved one. It is a crucial role that is played out in many homes.


Being sure they are using their treatment on time and correctly, sometimes just encouraging that behavior, can make a big difference in their recovery or minimizing their pain. With CareLight, using the lights regularly ensures a better and faster