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Light therapy is FDA cleared, science-backed and often highly effective.

Build Your Own Light System

CareLight offers a la carte pricing, which allows you to build the 2, 3 or 6-port package of your choice, personalized for your specific needs. You can choose as many pads as you would like, all systems require a controller. A free controller comes with the purchase of 2 or more pads.

CareLight 6 Port Combinations

The example shown here includes some of most versatile pads, giving even more options for placement of pads over trouble spots in various areas of the body. This set is designed to offer relief from pain across the body and targeting multiple areas simultaneously.

CareLight 3 Port Combinations

The example 3 Port combination features the Large 264 Pad, the Long 180 Pad, and a Face Mask.. The two large pads offer the most extensive coverage possible. It is ideal for addressing large areas of pain. The Face Mask contains red and blue diodes only.

The 3-Port system shown here combines the Large 264 Pad, the T-Pad and the Long 180 Pad. With 3 of our largest pads, this combination is ideal for addressing a variety of musculoskeletal concerns.

CareLight 2 Port Combinations

Select any 2 Pads and get a  2 port controller free.


Our Foot and Ankle Pads shown in this example are ideal for bringing relief to pain in the legs and feet.


"I thought I had no choice but to live with constant back and hip pain. Light therapy with CareLight technology changed my life."

- Larry Sims, Retired Emergency Room Doctor

CareLight Pads Have Many Uses.

Carelight products are FDA cleared and manufactured in the U.S. in an ISO Certified facility. ISO represents the gold standard for manufacturing quality.