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Dr. Ginger Bowler Joins CareLight

Authority on light therapy to help customers find solutions for pain, circulation problems

Dr. Ginger Bowler, Ph.D., President of Energy Events and Products in Colorado, is joining CareLight as the company’s first sales lead. With a Doctorate in Energy Medicine, Dr. Bowler is passionate about understanding energy and how this understanding affects the quality of life on all levels.

“I am inspired and honored to be joining the team at CareLight,” commented Dr. Bowler. “The company is committed to producing high quality, reliable devices that relieve pain and increase circulation. CareLight is a family-oriented company with a superior culture and cares about its customers and its employees.”

 CareLight Solutions is proud to now be offering a complete line of industry-leading Light Therapy products to the public. Inspired by Nobel Prize-winning science, Light Therapy devices are backed by years of scientific research and are FDA-cleared to reduce pain and increase circulation. 

Based in Chicago, CareLight is dedicated to the health and well-being of its customers through the use of this breakthrough technology.

This newly-founded company is using a direct sales distribution model to ensure its clinical-strength, best-in-class medical devices are quickly made available to those who need them. 

Karen Wolters, a former nurse, is CareLight’s founder. Mrs. Wolters commented, “We are extremely pleased to have a recognized authority such as Ginger join our growing team. She will help us bring LED  light therapy to the millions of people who need a non-drug, non-invasive remedy for their pain and circulation issues.”

CareLight’s professional-grade Light Therapy pads emit red, near infrared, and blue light, which penetrate the skin and produce a cascade of positive effects within living tissue. The company’s products are expertly designed to provide pain relief and increased circulation to different areas of the body. CareLight offers a facemask, a foot & ankle pad, foot & calf pad and five rectangular pads differing in size.

Based on science, CareLight’s team of experts is closely following emerging science in Light Therapy and actively developing new products to provide effective, innovative solutions for its customers. 

CareLight is now open for business and operating. Customers can view products and learn more about solutions that may benefit them.