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Live With Less Pain.

Near Infrared Light Therapy is emerging as a popular, widely-used treatment for pain and circulation improvement.

It’s cleared by the FDA and backed by decades of research. Nobel Prize-winning science has found that certain wavelengths of light within the red, blue and infrared bands are beneficial to living tissue.

Trusted and Effective

Light Therapy has been in use by the medical profession for over 20 years and now many people are using this non-invasive treatment at home.

CareLight is a leader in the manufacture of high quality light therapy pads. The infrared and visible blue and red LEDs are at the heart of CareLight systems, providing gentle but powerful pain relief and circulation improvement.

Reclaim Your Life

Many people now discovering light therapy have been continually frustrated in their search for a solution to their pain. We are always pleased to hear from people who say they are back to living the life they love.

Learn how the treatment of pain has progressed, is being managed, and how light therapy is helping people live with less pain.

Beth's Story

Beth Dawson thought she was headed for a wheelchair with debilitating pain in her feet and legs. Then, with CareLight technology, Beth was back on her feet with less pain.

Beth's Testimonial
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Boot Foot & Ankle Pad

Here's how it works:

Light from specific wavelengths penetrates the skin and promotes the release of Nitric Oxide. In turn, this creates a cascade of beneficial events at the cellular level.

You'll notice different colors of light penetrate the tissue at different depths. This is why CareLight offers products in blue, blue/red and Infrared.